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Rite of Blessing & Commissioning

Christ came to serve, not to be served. (MT 20:28). We are called to follow in His footsteps as disciples. We are commanded to love others as He has loved us (JN 13:34). We are called through our baptism into Jesus Christ to serve those who are most in need.

The Church recognizes, blesses and commissions those who offer their services in support of bringing about the Kingdom of God on earth. This document can be used or adapted to commission those within a parish or diocese who desire to place themselves in service as Mental Health Ministers to those who live with mental illness, their parents, family members and friends.


Homily Thoughts for Mental Illness Awareness

Pope Francis has called the Church to proclaim the Gospel by confronting the emerging pastoral needs facing the family such as marriage, family life, education of children, and the role of the family in the life of the church in today’s world.


Important Considerations for Homily Preparation

Homilies are powerful opportunities to transform perceptions of the reality of mental illness by revealing or communicating the impact on the individual or their family.


St. Dymphna Homily

Deacon Tom Lambert

In the 7th Century, St Dymphna's father, a celtic king, became deeply depressed over the death of his wife. Sadly, he came to see his daughter as the re-incarnation of his wife and tried to force her to marry him.


The Consolation of a Church Community Homily

Deacon Ed Shoener

Imagine having an illness that causes people to look down on you and to treat you with scorn simply because you have the illness.


Intercessions / Petitions

Prayers of the People - Example 1

Sample petitions to be included in the Prayers of the Faithful or as a Litany.


Prayers of the People - Example 2

Adapted from and patterned after Prayers of the People from the Book of Common Prayer.


Prayers of the People - Example 3

Prepared and distributed by the NCPD Council on Mental Illness.


Hospitality Ministry

Reaching Out with Hospitality to People with Mental Illness

by Thomas P. Welch, Pastoral Liturgy May/June 2017

For more than twenty years, I have worked as a psychiatrist in various settings, primarily with adults with severe and persistent mental illness. I have grown accustomed to the unusual comments or behaviors someone might have while in the midst of an exacerbation of a condition like schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.


Prayer Resources

Patron Saints

Saint Dymphna


Our Lady of Lourdes


Saint Benedict Joseph Labre