Establishing Association of Catholic Mental Health Ministry Chapters

The Process

The establishment of a chapter must be approved by the ACMHM national board. A chapter must have a chairperson and a minimum of two other members, who are active members of the ACMHM as defined by the Charter.

The chapter supports ministry teams within the geographic boundaries of a diocese. As described in Section 4 of the ACMHM Charter, each ministry team is approved by the pastor of the parish. The purpose of the chapter is to coordinate teams within a geographic diocese. A chapter can be established with just one ministry team (with the team functioning both as a team and as the chapter), but the goal is to expand the chapter to include several teams.

An office within a diocese may form a chapter. For example, an Office of Mental Health Ministry in a Diocese could establish an ACMHM chapter. The director of this office could serve as the founding chairperson of the ACMHM chapter. The goal of the ACMHM is to expand the chapter to have mental health ministry teams in every parish.

To establish a chapter please fill out the application on this page. The National Board will review the information and either approve the establishment of a chapter or identify what additional information is needed to form a chapter.

To continue as a Chapter in good standing an annual report shall be emailed to the President of the ACHMH National Board describing the Chapter’s annual meeting and any other activities of note that the Chapter has undertaken.