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The Association of Catholic Mental Health Ministry (ACMHM) is a Lay Association of the Christian Faithful whose members are called to be a healing presence in the lives of people with mental illness. Members of the ACMHM see Christ in those who live with a mental illness.

The purpose of membership is to strengthen Mental Health Ministry in the Catholic Church. We come together to share resources and to network with others engaged in Mental Health Ministry. Membership does not include or imply certification for this ministry.

There are three types of membership: the active (full) member, the associate member, and the contributing member.

Active (full) members

Active (full) members are those who are directly involved in ministering to people who live with a mental illness through participation in a mental health ministry team or who participate in other mental health ministries focused on serving people living with a mental illness, such Catholic Social Services or a Mental Health Commission. An active (full) member belongs to the Catholic Church. Only active (full) members hold office in the organization.

Associate members

Associate members include those who are committed to the mission of the ACMHM but may or may not belong to the Catholic Church and may or may not participate on a mental health ministry team or engage in the works of the ACMHM on a regular basis. Examples of an associate member are members of religious communities or pastors or leaders in other non-Catholic faith communities who engage directly in some facet of mental health ministry.

Contributing members

Contributing members are those who regularly or in a substantial way provide in-kind or financial support but who do not engage directly in mental health ministry. These members also are invited to the ACMHM conferences, training programs and other activities.

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