Realization of need for mental health ministry growing in Church

by John Lavenburg, CRUX  |  11/27/2021  |  ACMHM News

NEW YORK – Jeri McNulty remembers early on in the COVID-19 pandemic the anxiety attacks and stress that came with shifting her reading classes for young students online, and the general isolation she experienced in her personal life in a remote world.

McNulty, who suffers from bipolar disorder and anxiety, also remembers the importance of her Catholic faith during that time. She said just being present in the church, sitting in a pew and taking in the moment, was key to getting her through that period.

“[Mental health and faith] go hand in hand,” McNulty told Crux. “When I’m well I’m extremely grateful and my faith plays a big part in that and when I’m low I have my faith to help me get through the dark times.”