Prayer to the Holy Spirit for Help

by Margery Arnold, Mental Health Ministry Coordinator, Diocese of Orange  |  11/19/2020  |  Prayer Resources

Holy Spirit, kindle in me the fire of your love.
Help me to know and to feel that I am loved.
Help me to remember that I am connected to You and to others and to this earth.
Help me to live that truth and to share it with others.
Help me to know my gifts and also what delights me.
Help me to take off the armor I have put on to protect myself from anger, sadness, fear, and unworthiness.

Help me to stir into flame the embers of your love so that I can move with the Spirit, confidently and directly and gently to the places you need me to go.
Help me stir into flame the embers you have placed in others, so that we all will know and feel your love and our interdependence.
Help me to ask for help when I need it.
Help me to reach out even when I am not sure that anyone will see my hand reaching.
Give me faith to reach for what I need and want as well as the faith to reach out to help others.