Mental Wellness Ministry Training Hopes To Reach Anyone With A Mental Health Need

by Anya Mueller, News Center 1  |  02/06/2020  |  ACMHM News

In 2017, South Dakota had the 6th highest suicide rate in United States - to establish an unconventional way to address mental health, the Dioceses of Rapid City is forging ahead with mental wellness ministry training.

The Family Life Ministries at the Diocese of Rapid City recently received a multi-year grant of $87,500 from The Catholic Institute for Mental Health Ministry at the University of San Diego to better serve individuals and their caregivers who struggle with mental illness and incidence of suicide.

The Diocese of Rapid City has long offered bereavement and grief support groups, but they were worried about the limitation of the structured groups. They wanted to be able to reach out to everyone, no matter location or affiliation. The answer was a mental wellness ministry to be able to reach those who lived remotely and couldn’t make it to scheduled group times and places.

Amy Julian, Director of Family Life Ministries, says, “I love the idea of empowering the lay people to be able to minister to each other, you know that we could become that church community in a deep way, ya know, that it would give people the tools to be able to relate to people in times of crisis.”