From: The Traveler’s Poet: Travels Through Nature And Life

by Michael Barnauskas  |  12/06/2019  |  Testimonials & Reflections

Pray and Believe

​When darkness surrounds you like a storm
And you feel alone and worn
When the sky turns all gray
And you can’t find your way
When your heart is weary
Filled with grief and dismay
Do with diligence and sincerity
Seek the Lord and pray
With believing the clouds will break away
Sun begin to shine
And brighten up the day
Miracles do happen
This message to you I leave
Don’t give up on God’s answer
Only pray and believe

Eternity Trials

Greater competition of life’s game is found
In those who must compete against themselves
In drugs, alcohol and loneliness
While spectators watch from linen covered shelves
Who is to say they are lost
Or they are ruined
When tossed upon life’s stormy sea
We watch, feet held fast upon dry land
For the test of the strong
Is not on the bleachers arm in arm
Eating popcorn and drinking soda pop
But down there in the bloody area
Where soldiers by the hundreds drop
So let more thought be given
As to just who is the living
For what is life
But that which never dies
​’Midst temptations tall and failing tries

About the Author: Michael Barnauskas, one of seven children, grew up just outside of Scranton, PA. he received his elementary education in a six-grade, two-room school house and graduated from Johnson Trade School. Michael chose to become a carpenter, because Jesus was a carpenter. He found out after all that Jesus is more than just a carpenter. He served in Vietnam with the U.S. Navy Seabees dong construction for the war effort. In civilian life he worked as a carpenter and owned a roofing and siding business. He lost everything due to ill health and ended up in a rooming house for homeless men. There he worked as a desk clerk and maintenance man. During his life he suffered from some mental problems (depression and schizophrenia) , which he triumphed over by faith in God and help offered. He now lives in the old homestead with family and is retired. He spends his spare time enjoying family and friends, reading scripture, faith-inspiring books, writing, and taking in the beauty that surrounds us.