The Deacon's Mic: When a Deacon's Daughter Dies by Suicide

by Deacon Greg Kanda, The Deacon's Bench  |  01/06/2021  |  ACMHM News

For this new edition of The Deacon’s Mic, I’m honored to talk with Deacon Ed Shoener, from the Diocese of Scranton. Ed created a new and vital ministry five years ago, when he wrote candidly — and movingly — about the suicide of his 29-year-old daughter.


Bishop Conley of Lincoln Nebraska opens up about Mental Health Recovery

by Mary Farrow, Catholic News Agency  |  11/14/2020  |  ACMHM News

In December 2019, Bishop James Conley of the Diocese of Lincoln announced he was going on a medical leave of absence.


Deacon calls on Catholics ‘to be Church’ to those with mental illnesses,

by Michael Wojcik, The Beacon, Diocese of Paterson  |  10/10/2020  |  ACMHM News

Ministers in the Church have a special role when called to reach out to people trapped in the “dark tunnel” of pain and despair caused by mental illness: help them heal spiritually. They can do this by bringing these suffering persons the “light of Christ” and helping to fill them with hope in the truth that God and his Church love them and are ready to accompany them on their difficult journey.


Saints who Confronted Suicidal Thoughts

by Meg Hunter-Kilmer, Aletia  |  09/12/2020  |  ACMHM News

Mental illness does not mean a lack of holiness, as these saints’ lives richly attest.


Death of Brooklyn Priest Believed to be a Suicide

by Deacon Greg Kandra  |  08/17/2020  |  ACMHM News

As many of you might know, in the early hours of Sunday morning, 16 August, the Rev. Timothy Hirten, Ch. Maj., USAF, passed from this life. I ask you to offer Mass for the repose of his soul and the consolation of his family. I am certainly deeply shaken by the tragic end of his life and I am certain that all who knew him are, as well.


Australian bishops put mental health first as lockdowns magnify unseen battle faced by millions

by Mark Bowling, The Catholic Leader  |  08/04/2020  |  ACMHM News

With Australia still gripped by pandemic, “understanding and support” for mental health has been identified as a nationwide priority in the 2020 Australian Catholic Bishops Conference social justice statement.


Philippine diocese creates mental health ‘hopeline’

by Robin Gomes, Vatican News  |  07/04/2020  |  ACMHM News

The Diocese of Kalookan has created a support helpline for those struggling with anxiety and other emotions due to the coronavirus crisis.


Ave Explores Series: Stress, Anxiety, And Mental Health

07/01/2020  |  ACMHM News

Katie Prejean McGrady and a team of experts will help you explore a variety of mental health issues such as addiction and recovery, forgiveness, grief, practicing mindfulness, therapy, and spiritual direction.


'No different from the rest of us'- Priests and mental health care

by Perry West, Catholic News Agency  |  06/10/2020  |  ACMHM News

After the suicide of a Missouri priest last month, psychologists talked with CNA about the issues priests can face when they need help with caring for their mental health.


Mental Wellness Ministry Training Hopes To Reach Anyone With A Mental Health Need

by Anya Mueller, News Center 1  |  02/06/2020  |  ACMHM News

In 2017, South Dakota had the 6th highest suicide rate in United States - to establish an unconventional way to address mental health, the Dioceses of Rapid City is forging ahead with mental wellness ministry training.